Agent Setup and Use

5 Easy Steps

  1. Easy One-Time Agent Setup:
  2. Install the smart phone app
  3. Scan a MultiKey Card
  4. Enter a Secret Phrase
  5. Enter your Name

You are now paired to your digital agent.


The MultiKey Agent combines the MultiKey SIM Card data with a secret word phrase you provide to generate your personal digital MultiKey. You have the option to register your MultiKey SIM Card data with NeurSciences, but not your secret phrase. In this manner NeurSciences cannot recreate your personal digital MultiKey.


Eliminate Passwords

  • Use any camera-enabled smart device to visit a participating web site
  • Use your smart device app to scan the code
  • The browser refreshes and you are logged in

One MultiKey

  • Each MultiKey is unique duplication is almost impossible
  • Billions of security keys – virtually unlimited capacity – all managed by your Agent
  • Virtually Unlimited Number of digital identifiers and resources

Super Secure

  • MultiKey eCard provides 2512 unique sets of 2512 digital resources such as security keys, passwords, and identifiers
  • Assigns separate key for each individual digital resource
  • You own the MultiKey.

Backups, Restore, and Disaster Recovery

The physical MultiKey Card is your physical backup.  Keep it in a safe location as there is no duplicate.

Personal Blockchain

Your agent creates and manages personal digital ledgers for you. Your agent uses your personal blockchain to manage your digital presence. You can optionally use your personal ledger for other purposes such as: to manage your healthcare records, claims of copyright, or even manage household inventory for insurance policy.




Insurance Policy

Use a smart phone to take a picture of your new TV, fine art, or piece of heavy equipment.  Assert the claim to your blockchain. Share with your insurance agent as an amendment to your policy. It’s your digital record recorded as a block in the blockchain.

Claim of Copyright – Protect Music, Videos, Memes, and more

Use a smart phone to take a picture or record an audio file. Assert the claim of copyright of the image or file to your blockchain. Your blockchain provides immutable proof as to the date you made the claim and the image/audio being claimed. Provide a license to use a copy of the image/audio with a transaction to the blockchain.

Healthcare Records – HIPAA Compliant

Provide your Agent with an image of your healthcare record. Request your agent to share with a Public/Private key pair. Similarly, add an image of your healthcare bill. Your Agent will inventory it, encrypt it, and add it to your personal ledger. Request your Agent to securely share your record with a healthcare professional. Securely provide your bill to your insurance provider.