Holographic IoT Card

Introducing the world’s first Optical SIM Card using an Holographic IoT Card

Providing over 1 Billion sets of 1 Billion security keys. Using light to store data and reading data with light.

Designed and produced in the US

Your Digital ID, your data, your IoT devices, your travel credentials, and more – more secure and more portable. NeurOptics patent-pending Holographic Memory technology enables end-to-end encryption of data and prevents unauthorized access. More secure and more versatile than existing SIM cards – handles more data storage capacity and more types of data.
The mission of NeurOptics is to rapidly produce holograms which contain data that can be securely and reliably read by a mobile device for the purposes of unique identification. Proprietary software is used to read the holograms.

Current NeurOptics products:

  • Secure Holographic IoT Card
  • Secure Holographic IoT Card readers

Product uses include:

  • Optical SIM card
  • passport
  • Driving license
  • Personal identification card
  • Employee card
  • Event entry car
  • Credit card