Easy Authentication for Business, not hardware needed.


MultiKey Cloud Business Benefits

  1. Simplify Employee and Customer Logins and Processes
  2. Increase Security
  3. Contain Risk
  4. Reduce Costs
  5. Expand your Business
  6. Easy Onramp to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain


  1. Simplify Employee and Customer Logins and Processes

Passwordless Login for internal and external users

Improve employee digital access, facility access, benefit administration, and more

Treat customers as trusted members instead of merely clients

Audit Trails of trusted connections and exchanges

Easier Audits and Compliance Activities

Decentralized Identity allows digital multi-tasking ?

Reduce Central Administration ?

  1. Increase Security

Support WebAuthn (FIDO2 soon)

MultiKey Technology identifies and secures each individual digital resource

File Encryption is Quantum-Resistant

  1. Contain Risk

Selectively and temporarily allow/limit access to individually identified digital assets

Assigns separate key when encrypting each individual digital resource (limits exposure)

  1. Reduce Costs

Significantly Reduce Support Desk Cost

No physical USB keys to purchase, inventory, distribute, and replace

Reduce IT administration – subscription management, certificate management and more

Virtually unlimited keys eliminates need to expand/replace solution

Privileged Account Management (PAM)



  1. Expand your Business

Create and adopt new ways of conducting business

Increase customer satisfaction with easy login procedures, better security, and trust


  1. Easy Onramp to CryptoCurrency and BlockChain

Access and create new marketplaces and revenue opportunities

Agent-Operated Digital Wallets

Agent-Operated Blockchain

Comply with World Economic Forum Blockchain Bill of Rights Standards



Simplify your online experience with a MultiKeyCloud Agent – the smart way to Manage, Automate, Protect your identity and digital resources.

Secure Documents, Photos, Medical Records, Rx Drug Lists,
Videos, Digital Tokens, conversations, and more

Let your agent deal with the complexity.

Your Agent operates your EcoSystem and can:

    • Establish trust through identification and authentication
    • Secure your content and communication
    • Manage passwords, security keys, and credentials
    • Perform your Authentications (FIDO2 soon)
    • Share only what you authorize and with whom
    • Organize and manage your digital EcoSystem and resources
    • Participate in other digital EcoSystems you authorize
    • Automate tasks within and across EcoSystems
    • Track every exchange for future reference
    • Learn new tasks and services available from the Agent App Store


Tired of managing all the digital complexity the Web requires?  [ carousel ?]

– can’t remember a username or password

– hitting the reset password button is a routine activity

– you give up trying to prove you’re not a robot because the Captcha is impossible to solve

– you stop signing up for new services because you don’t want another account


The Back Story


PROBLEM: The Web was designed with only basic security in mind. It was not designed with the idea of representing you as an addressable and securable member of a trusted ecosystem.

Every Website treats you as a client and not a member.


Because you are not an addressable member of the Web: [ carousel? ]


Logins and Passwords

Over the years, incremental software security modules and patches have been implemented, using logins and passwords, and now puzzles, to validate that you are who you say you are. The complexity requirements are increasing and at times, you may even choose not to signup for a new service so that you don’t have to remember another account.



Both the patched software, and the user-controlled logins and passwords, have introduced user login burdens and hacker opportunities. Login complexity requirements (usernames, passwords, cookies, and puzzles) are growing every day.


Add the Puzzle

Websites want you to solve a visual puzzle to prove you are not a robot. Approximately 50% of all Web traffic is generated by software (ro)bots. Bots are deployed to try programmatically login to user accounts. As these bots get better at solving the visual puzzles, the puzzles will need to become more complex. As the puzzles get harder, your logins get more frustrating.


Websites store data about you

They have no choice – you must provide, and they have to store and manage, identifying information so that they can address you as a client. Unfortunately, websites don’t always secure their data records. Last year Norton estimated 130 records per second were breached. That is over 4 Billion records in one year!


You have to store their “cookies”

Websites try to improve your user experience by “remembering” your preferences and prior sessions. Since you are not an addressable member, the Website must write the information back to your own device, in the form of “cookies” that you have to authorize and store for them.


All of this digital complexity and stress eventually leads to Web Overload.



SOLUTION: Finally, a quick and easy way for you join the Web as an addressable member. A solution that does not require any new hardware, just your camera-equipped mobile device.


As a member of the digital world you will be paired with your very own hosted intelligent software Agent, yours to use for life. Using multi-factor authentication your agent will log you into websites. It will secure your communications and your content, sharing only what and with whom you authorize.


Using the latest standards your Agent will introduce you to a world where you don’t have to worry about remembering passwords or proving you are not a robot. Your Agent becomes your digital pair of hands.


Authenticate upon first use and you’re good to go…

One click to login to Websites

Gives every single digital item an ID and inventories it in your repository

Secures point-to-point communication

Encrypts and Decrypts digital assets so you can safely store or transmit

Another example ?

Another example ?

How does the hologram get affixed to the digital asset – always and only by taking a photo?