Research and Development

NeurSciences GoT Technology is a major sophisticated advance in the development of artificially intelligent machines and networks. NeurSciences is exploiting its own technology in both internal and with MoU Partners to accomplish never before possible solutions. Here is just a short list of some of that activity:

  • In conjunction with the Entanglement Research Institute, NeurSciences will explore our models of Robotic Consciousness in their quantum framework. NeurSciences defines Robotic Consciousness as the states of sentience or awareness (modeled as Things in the GoT) acted upon by an evolving AI Agent’s runtime at a given moment in time.
  • Using the TOP AI models & GoT Technology, NeurSciences is developing an abstract FinTech model to transparently merge all financial products, transactions, and instruments. This model will be used within a GoT based graphical trading platform to integrate, manage, and automate the financial industry.
  • Internal project: Leveraging the FinTech model as well as Brokerage/Exchange interface models, our goal is to build a system to identify and profit from arbitrage opportunities. With the interface and instrument models, a GoT AI Agent will be able to request best offer/bid prices to find these opportunities. This can be done across varies classes of financial products and instruments such as; cryptocurrencies, tokens, stocks, bonds, futures, Forex, loans, money market, insurance contracts, structured debt, etc.