Secure, Protect, and Manage your personal ecosystem in the digital world with a MultiKey Cloud Agent

Simplify your digital experience – make life easier, more productive, and more secure.

Your Agent represents you as an addressable, recognized member of the digital world:

  • establishes, manages, and protects your digital identity
  • enforces trust rules you help to specify
  • protects your individual digital resources and secures your communications
  • manages your blockchains for you

… it manages all the digital complexity so you don’t have to!

 Login and Authenticate using only your camera-equipped mobile device:

 One Time:

  • Download and communicate via our web-based App
  • Activate your Agent and initialize your EcoSystem with a MultiKey Card
  • Your Agent establishes and registers your Digital ID (W3C DID compliant)


  • Access resources on your phone – login and authenticate with just a click
  • Otherwise, simply aim your camera at the website on a computer screen
  • Your Agent manages your MultiKey which manages all your web logins and passwords, becomes your authenticator, manages your encryption needs, and more
  • Use with your existing services and storage media
  • Plug-ins and proxies are available for devices that do not have the NeurSciences EcoSphere App installed
  • Working toward FIDO2 certification

Our Solution is Robust and Unique:

  • Convenience and Portability: A SOFTWARE-ONLY solution for secure and quick login and authentication (FIDO2 coming soon).
  • Privacy and Security: The software manages a virtually unlimited set of security keys via our patent-pending MultiKey Technology allowing you to authenticate and secure every single digital thing with which you interact.
  • Agency: The software establishes your digital ID (DID Compliant) via a personal, addressable software digital assistant called an Agent.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Your Agents can only do and act upon things that are credentialed in a ledger. Your Agent-managed blockchain ensures irrefutable documentation of standard and auditable exchanges among participants, conforming to WEF Blockchain Bill of Rights.

Today you suffer from Digital Overload. This is because the Web was not designed with security in mind and the web is technically unable to recognize you as having a digital presence.



Because you exist only as a client on the Web, you must repeatedly –

  • prove who you are
  • remember complex passwords
  • solve a puzzle to prove you are not a robot
  • manage your personal profile at each website
  • send unsecure information across the internet
  • trust that the Website is trustworthy!

It’s complex and it’s vulnerable to breaches and attacks.

Eliminate your digital headache and your risk with a MultiKey Cloud Agent.

Your Agent represents you as an addressable, recognized member of the digital world –

– it establishes, manages, and protects your digital identity

– it establishes trust with everyone and everything you interact with

– it secures and protects your individual digital assets and communications

– it manages your personal or business blockchain

– it manages all the digital complexity so you don’t have to!


Enter the Blockchain

We anticipate a time when a personal or small business blockchain will be necessary to conduct your digital business. Get yours now. Our MultiKey Cloud Agent has built-in distributed ledger functionality, to manage your digital assets but also to interact with other entities to execute and record digital exchanges. The blockchain enables privacy and, ensures transparency and accountability among participants. This is all made possible because your Agent and MultiKey give you the necessary addressable digital ID and digital presence, along with a virtually unlimited set of keys to manage all of your digital events and resources.


How It Works

The NeurSciences EcoSphere App is registered as an Authentication service on your device. The App is launched to handle the authentication request as well as facilitate any other credential sharing that might be required by the specific website being accessed. In cases where the client does not have the EcoSphere App installed, a browser add-in can be installed, or a proxy can be obtained temporarily from the NeurSciences website, to enable authentication information to be conveyed via a QR Code. Website traffic is secure in all methods. FIDO2 Authentication coming soon.



Strong multi-factor and passwordless authentication, Click-to-login, click-to-sign, click-to-encrypt/decrypt using public key cryptography, click-to-ID, using secure protocols.






For Businesses

Passwordless Login for Employees

Improve User Experience

Increase Security

Contain Risk

Reduce Costs

Create New Revenue Opportunities

Implement a Blockchain

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For Consumers

Be recognized as a member of the digital world

Simplify your digital experience

Secure your identity and resources

Establish a personal Blockchain

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For Developers

Turnkey Security Setups

Turnkey Blockchains

WebAuthn, PIV, OTP, etc.

FIDO2 coming soon

Free documentation and software

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For Enterprise and Corporate opportunities, please contact Brad Jamieson